Inovamed's Ombudsman Channel aims to provide a space for Listening and Dialogue for Employees, Customers and the Community in General. By implementing the Complaints Ombudsman, Inovamed aims to strengthen its Commitment to the company's Ethical and Responsible Performance.

Through this Channel it is possible to make a complaint to Inovamed in a Safe and Secret way, contributing to the detection and prevention of any Serious Fault, Irregularity or Unethical Conduct.

Inovamed reiterates that the Whistleblower Channel preserves the whistleblower's anonymity, as well as ensuring that all conduct of the case is treated confidentially,
and does not admit that the bona fide whistleblower suffers any type of Retaliation.

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Transparency and ethics in all relationships are essential premises, which have guided Inovamed's activities since its conception. By making the Whistleblowing Channel available, the company aims to reinforce the principles that already exist in our internal culture, as well as our commitment to responsible and responsible performance.


The Inovamed Code of Ethics demonstrates the company's commitment to the conduct of respect, transparency and legality, in order to avoid the occurrence of situations that are in disagreement with our principles and represent a risk to Inovamed's reputation and integrity.

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